Florida Golf License Plate Program

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Senate Bill
Senator Ron Silver

House Bill
Representatives Roger Wishner ‘Tee’ Holloway

Golf License Plate is an effort led by the Miami Coalition and the First Tee Miami-Dade Amateur Golf Association (DAGA).This project formally began as a bill introduced in 2000 by Mr. Charles DeLucca, a nationally recognized authority on junior golf and founder of the Doral Junior Golf Classic. The Golf License Plate has become a State law approved by Senate and House signed by Governor, Jeb Bush in 2002.

Florida is the world’s number one golf vacation destination attracting over 1.5 million visitors annually, for the sole purpose of playing golf. It generates in excess of $6 billion annually, as tourists and residents enjoy over 1150 different golf courses year round. Because of the success of Tiger Woods, golf has rapidly increased in popularity and heightened the interest of many youngsters across the socioeconomic spectrum. Without accessible programs, a majority of children in middle and lower income families will never receive an opportunity to explore the possibility of realizing their fullest potential in the sport of golf. The golf plate will provide funds to remedy this inequity.

Golf is a non-aggressive, non-contact sport that teaches kids self-discipline, initiative, honesty and etiquette while fostering physical fitness and character development. The game of golf teaches kids how to surmount obstacles through sustained effort and self-discipline. Golf requires a substantial investment of time and concentration and can be played either alone or with others. It promotes strategic thinking and communication skills and exposes many children to beautiful surroundings and educational opportunities they may never otherwise encounter.

Proceeds generated from the sale of golf license plates will be deposited into a trust under the Direction of The Florida Sports Foundation. A newly established 7 member board has been created by The Florida Sports Foundation to administer funding and furnish model programming guideline for grant applications, support and oversight, and provide access to the sport of golf through local not for profit amateur golf associations for all Florida youth, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race or ability. Renewal of grants generated by the proceeds will be based upon strict performance data and positive outcomes reported by the grantees. The board under the direction of The Florida Sports foundation will provide support to youngsters across the state to maintain and increase thriving, local amateur youth golf projects and community programs.

Florida golf organizations that will take a active roll in the program are the USGA, FSGA, LPGA, PGA, the PGA Tour. Programs like the First Tee Program will become beneficiaries of much needed operation dollars to sustain their Junior Golf programs throughout the State of Florida.

For more information and statistics, visit the Florida Junior Golf Council website.

Golf License Plate